Short Film: Unapologetically for Black Homeowners


Aisha T. Weeks is leading the The Dearfield Fund for Black Wealth, which provides up to $40,000 in down-payment assistance to first-time Black and African American homebuyers to help build generational wealth. The down-payment assistance is like a loan, but homeowners don’t make monthly payments and pay no interest. Instead, when homeowners sell or refinance they repay the down-payment amount plus 5% of their home’s appreciation, which allows the Dearfield Fund to serve more Black homeowners.

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Gary Community Ventures was proud to help found the Dearfield Fund. As we work to leverage business, policy and philanthropic tools to reshape the arc of opportunity for kids and families, Gary is actively partnering with nationwide entrepreneurs to build an ownership movement. We believe creating new ownership pathways is the single strongest tool to address our widening racial wealth gap.

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How it Works

In addition to borrowers’ personal down payment contribution, (at least 3% of the home’s price), the Dearfield Fund provides interest-free down payment assistance of up to $40,000 to first-time, Black homebuyers in Metro Denver.

Early Impact of the Dearfield Fund for Black Wealth

When investors activate their balance sheets and invest in Black communities, they see a financial return and meaningful social impact. The Dearfield Fund is a testament to that ideal.

How Dearfield is Helping Black Women

After helping 150 families with down-payment assistance, Dearfield has sharpened its strategy to better serve Black women, who make up 60% of the fund’s borrowers so far.


CO.creator | Aisha T. Weeks, Gary Community Ventures

Aisha T. Weeks is the Managing Director of the Dearfield Fund for Black Wealth, an impact investment fund that seeks to close the racial wealth gap through homeownership. Under Aisha’s leadership, the Dearfield Fund has provided more than $5 million in downpayment assistance to first-time Black and African American homebuyers in the Denver metro area.

Director | Algernon Felice Jr, Gary Community Ventures

Algernon Felice Jr has been recognized nationally and regionally as an award-winning producer, having won a Chicago/Midwest Emmy® for writing, producing and directing a campaign that explores the humble roots of a historic business. He has also won multiple Wisconsin Broadcasters Association awards for his work in brand development and television production, and was featured on CNN for his filmmaking and cultural storytelling.

Producer | Will C. Holden, Gary Community Ventures

Will C. Holden is a writer, producer and storyteller with deep experience in the marketing and communications sectors. He strongly believes that partnering with communities to create scalable storytelling can change behaviors, widen cultural perspectives and deepen empathy in meaningful, measurable ways.

Producer | Emily Williams, Gary Community Ventures

Emily has spent her career connecting people, ideas, and capital in service of sparking meaningful partnerships and advancing audacious goals. As the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Gary Community Ventures, she designs and leverages engagement opportunities with aligned funders to create collaborative, breakthrough solutions.

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