Athletics & Beyond

My Spark helps Denver middle schoolers find passion & purpose through afterschool programs. Narcy’s Jackson’s Athletics & Beyond has swiftly become one of the program’s most popular providers.

Meet Nita Gonzáles

Colorado’s only elder-sanctioned Día de los Muertos ceremony was started by Nita Gonzáles’ afterschool program. Now, the long-time community leader is lending her support to a new aftershool program.

Why 9th Grade Success is Vital

In 2019, Center, Colo. saw their high school graduation rates drop to the lowest in the state. Now, they’re among the highest. This is a story about a program and a partnership that got them back-on-track.

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Kathe Traore | Ednium

“I found my people in my mid-20s. Let’s expedite that process.”

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TeRay Esquibel faces the camera leaning forward and pointing to his head during a photo shoot for Ednium: The Alumni Collective in Denver, CO


TeRay Esquibel | Ednium

“It wasn’t risky to say ‘Stop ignoring homegrown talent.’ The risk was staying silent.”

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 organizations & Institutions

CHIC & Justice for Black Coloradans

Just-Passed Legislative Study Seeks to Address Codified Racism

The impacts of racism on Black Coloradans aren’t abstract. Colorado homeownership rates are twice as high for white households compared to Black households. The median wealth for a white family in Colorado is $170,000 compared to $18,000 for Black families. A just-passed legislative study, the brainchild of the Collaborative Healing Initiative Within Communities, seeks to provide equally tangible solutions.

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Better Beginnings

How do we transform Colorado’s early childhood system?

Organizations & Institutions

Ednium the Alumni Collective

Financial literacy is now a DPS graduation requirement. A group of recent DPS graduates are behind that change & others.

Short Films

The Dearfield Fund

Meet a few of the 150+ homeowners who are fueling a movement to build Black wealth.


Anya Dickson Arguello

30,000+ Denverites can’t access the internet. Anya is working to change that & bringing new voices to the table along the way.

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Short films

Black Wealth Cannot Wait

Since launching in July 2021, Black homeowners have been the heart and soul of the Dearfield Fund for Black Wealth. Meet a few of those 150+ homeowners and catch a glimpse of this movement to build Black wealth in a short film that has now been honored by the Telly Awards for excellence in documentary filmmaking.


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Short Films


Why 9th Grade Success is Vital

In 2019, the small town of Center, Colo. saw their high school graduation rates drop to the lowest in the state. Now, they’re among the highest. This is a story about how the town’s high school and the Center for High School Success came together, using the 9th Grade Success grant program to help their kids and community get back on-track. As of 2024, the 9th Grade Success grant program was serving 1,800 students across Colorado, and the data tells us 180 more of those students would graduate as a result of this highly proven, data-driven program. But there are 70,104 ninth graders in Colorado. In the 2024 legislative session, state lawmakers extended the funding for this program so that it can reach even more of them.

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The Creation of Home

Addressing racial wealth gap through homeownership

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Wealth Through Ownership

Employee ownership for workforces of color

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SHORT FILMS: Wealth Through Ownership | An Employee Ownership Movement


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